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The IWCR welcomes English-speaking women from all over the world living some or all of the time in the Alpes–Maritimes and Monaco.

The Club offers a wide range of social, cultural and sporting activities and you will find the IWCR is the perfect way to meet people, make new friends and discover just how good life can be here.

Our bi-monthly newsletter gives details of forthcoming activities (running from mid-September to the end of June) and tells you how to contact activity Group Leaders. Look at the Riviera Activities in the navigation column on the left or at the Monaco Section to find out about the events and activities in all areas.

Only IWCR members may attend the Club activities. Membership of other women's clubs does not give the automatic right to attend IWCR events.

The IWCR is as a non-profit association registered with the Sous-Préfecture at Grasse.

Currently we have around 650 members of various nationalities (1/3 British, 1/6 French but also German, Dutch, American, Swedish, Belgian, Danish and Swiss) with the majority living on and around the Riviera. There are 82 members in the Monaco group and 11 in the Var. There are 12 Coffee Groups (see Coffee Mornings page).

If you are interested in joining the Club, why not go along to one of those coffee meetings? Or please contact the Membership Secretary who will be very happy to give you further information.

International Women's Club of the Riviera
The Grange,
815 chemin des Gourettes,
06370 Mouans-Sartoux