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How to join IWCR

The Join Us page exist in several locations:

    • under the ABOUT US menu
    • under the HOME page

Once you reach the join us page, supply your email you want to register at IWCR. The email will serve as your username and the email IWCR will use to send IWCR communications (Newsletters, Events, Notices, etc.)

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Fill the Form
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Choose your form of payment:

    • If you chose to pay online, your membership status is immediately set to ACTIVE
    • if you choose to be sent an invoice and pay later by cheque or wire-transfer your membership status is set to PENDING until payment is received and processed manually. Pending status does not benefit from membership priviledges.

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How to manage your IWCR website Password


Note: resetting an email should be done in less than 24hrs from receiving the reset email. Otherwise the link will expire.

• Before logging-in

• Click the log-in icon and select Forget Password

• Enter your Email registered with IWCR 

• A message that like the one below appears telling you Reset Password instruction will be emailed to you.

• When you  submit  you will receive an email with a link to set a new password.  Follow the link.

• Fill the requested info 

• Go back to IWCR website and Login with your email and new password

Change known Password

• After logging-in

• Click your name at top right of page and select Change Password

• Fill the requested information

Password Successfully Changed for your next login

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