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  • International Women Webinar: Change Your Brain, Change Your Game

International Women Webinar: Change Your Brain, Change Your Game

  • 8 Mar 2021
  • 12:00 - 13:00
  • Webinar (Zoom)
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INTERNATIONAL WOMEN: Change your Brain, Change your Game

Understand the female brain to dramatically improve your effectiveness to communicate, collaborate and influence at home, and abroad.

By Cynthia Milani 

If you understand how the brain works, you can become the master of your life.

Benefit Statement:  Being an international woman is as rewarding as it is challenging. Join us to learn how to tap into your feminine potential by applying the latest tips from neuroscience for a totally new way of seeing the world.  You will learn how to dramatically improve your effectiveness in various situations, unleash your authentic self and improve your relationships. This presentation is the roadmap for a multicultural, positive and enlightened future for us all. 

On Monday, March 8, in celebration of International Women’s Day, neuroanthropologist Cynthia Milani, will share the latest discoveries of how the brain works in a lively and informative format that can enhance the audience’s ability to re-wire their lives for success.  She will explore the impact and implications for male/female differences, the effect of hormones and neurotransmitters on their actions and thoughts. Cynthia will show actual images and brain scans of how our brains are wired for decision-making, emotional control and adaptation to diverse cultures. The audience will learn startling new, easy to apply, strategies to enhance their personal and professional lives as international women.

Cynthia worked as an anthropologist among African tribes who were practicing witchcraft and voodoo to understand the power of the mind - part of a project for the National Cancer Institute’s research on Biofeedback. She learned first hand the power of our minds to fight disease, control our thoughts and destiny; to communicate for success. She combines her 30 years of expertise in leadership and cultural diversity training with the exciting new field of neuroanthropology. The information she brings to an audience is ground breaking, insightful, and most importantly, a tool for empowering women and creating an environment of inclusion and trust in celebration of International Women’s Day.

Social constructionist theory is telling us that we author the stories with which we hope to master and shape our worlds.  But, how do genes play a role, or gender, and how does our individual neural wiring predispose us to make decisions, and take action? How can we alter our behavior to be more effective at work and at home, build trust and inspire the feminine way in a deeply authentic way? Join us on International Women’s Day and find out!

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