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We hike every Tuesday unless it rains and the group varies in size but is bigger than the Friday Hiking group. We meet about 9 am and hike throughout the day. Usually, we are back by the cars at 16:00 but this also varies. We hike around Gourdon, Caussols, Coursegoules, Saint Jeannet the lower mountains in the Alpes Maritimes. Sometimes, but not often in the Esterel.

You need good hiking boots, backpack with picnic and a minimum of 1 liter of water in the Winter, more in the Summer. If you use hiking poles you should bring them too.   You also need hiking insurance with the Fedération Francaise de la Randonnée Pédestre, which the club arranges.  If you are insured with another Club with the FFRP please give Annsofi a copy of your licence.  Annesofi  will  also give you all the information you need to join the insurance scheme.

On the hike, we stop for morning coffee/fruit snack and later on for lunch. Most of all we have fun

If you’re interested please contact Annsofi and she will put you on the mailing list and explain about the hiking insurance.

Contact: Hiking1@iwcr.org

Event Hours

09:00 - 16:00

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